Take Part in the PTA Reflections 2017-2018

The annual Halloween parade will take place Tuesday, October 31st from 1:00pm until 1:45pm.  Please join us as students parade around the upper field showing off their costumes.  GUIDANCE REGARDING HALLOWEEN COSTUMES:  All students are encouraged to dress up on Tuesday, October 31.  We encourage students to have fun and be creative!  However, our expectations that students be safe, be respectful and be responsible must also be adhered to.  Therefore, students (AND PARENTS!) must wear costumes that adhere to the dress code (Nothing unduly revealing or inappropriate).  Students are not allowed to wear masks or face coverings of any kind (IE: blue man suit).  Face paint is allowed.  No toy weapons or props that may be used as weapons are allowed.  Students not dressed appropriately may be provided with loaner clothing, have parents bring appropriate clothing, or face other appropriate disciplinary action.

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