Halloween Parade

October 31st is Halloween! Webster has grand tradition of having a Halloween Parade so students can begin celebrating together. We will hold our Parade on the upper field grass at 1:15pm. The parade is typically a half hour long after which parents may pick their students up and take them home. Other students will stay in their class till the school day is over.

**As a reminder, students may NOT have/wear any masks, weapons, or items that would be considered dangerous or scary to other friends on campus.

**As a reminder to all adults, we would LOVE to have you come participate in the Halloween Parade experience. You can dress up as well and enjoy watching your students parade around the yard for their friends. If you DO dress up, we would also ask that you make sure your costume is “school appropriate”! This also means nothing scary or too adult for our students. Thank you for your help in making sure our Halloween Parade is a great success!

October 31, 2017 at 12pm - November 01, 2017

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