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Webster Families,

Another school shooting rocks us to the core.  As people that show up to school every day, a place we consider our home, our sanctuary - safe, it is difficult to make sense of such incidences. Like you, we become anxious every time we learn of these events and we pause, to examine our own students, our own community, and our own practices. 

We are deeply concerned about student safety.  We have clear and established practices designed to maximize student safety.  These routines/procedures are practiced on a regular basis.  This allows us to ensure that students and staff are being proactive in an emergency rather than reactive.  We have partnerships with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.  We work very hard to ensure that students will be safe, in an emergency.

In addition, our teachers and staff are vigilant in supervising our campuses. Our staff develops such strong relationships with kids and we know that letting our students know we are available to them is key!

I want to remind students and parents that if you see, hear or read anything suspicious that you should report it to an adult  (school staff, law enforcement) immediately.  If you “SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!” Every student should have at least one adult to whom he or she feels safe reporting to.  You can also report any concern to WeTip.

We will continue to examine our practices as well.  One example, earlier this year, some parents were upset when we implemented a pick up table and tried to limit the amount of parents walking onto campus, limiting it only to volunteers who had pre-scheduled volunteer work.  While we did this primarily to minimize disruption to instruction, it is also a safety measure. We will continue to look at our school practices and I am confident that the school board and community will continue to engage in conversations around additional larger measures.

Together, we can create safe environments for students both at home and on campus.

For additional resources, please visit:

Patrick Miller, Principal

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  • commented 2017-08-03 08:08:17 -0700
    Wonderful, thank you for that info! Do you know if the after school program will be up and running by Tuesday or Wednesday?

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