Talent show rehearsal 4-5

 Rehearsals have been going so well and the kids are really excited and working hard. We still need people to sign up for help backstage. For mornning and evening shows.
Backstage help is organized so that parents are in the audience for their child's half of the show.
Evening showtime is k,1,2,3. 6.30pm
Performers need to be in the library by 6.pm.
Showtime for 4.5 is 7.30pm
Performers need to be in the library by 7.15.
Still need confirmation from Dr. Samarge-Powell about the order of the morning show.
Auditorium will be open from 6pm.
It has been a real treat working with Neda and Ulf Soderqvist and our amazing helpers Susie Parks and Remy Carroll.
Please don't hesitate to contact me at Privatezooo@90265ca.com with any queries or concerns or to volunteer!
What a fabulous group of kids and parents this year.
Thanks to all involved!
Amanda Kofsky

February 19, 2015 at 3:06pm - 6:06pm

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