Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear Parents, Teacher Appreciation Week at Webster is May 8-12, 2017!

Make sure your teachers know how often they save the day with a superhero-themed week. Please have your children join in on the festivities for the week and let’s show how much we appreciate our teachers and staff.

Monday May 8th: Teachers get an Award!! Bring in flowers and cards for your teachers. Room Parents will hand out superhero card templates to students May 3rd and the PTA will leave an empty vase in each classroom. We’re asking students to write/draw in the cards and bring flowers for their wonderful teachers to make their day. Tuesday May 9th: Teachers get superhero “treat”ment. One parent from each classroom brings a special treat and coffee for their teacher. (Please speak to your room rep for details.) Wednesday May 10th: A Super Brunch!! PTA will treat the staff with a delicious yummy brunch. Thursday May 11th: Our Superheroes will get a special token of appreciation with giftcards and books Friday May 12th: Lunch fit for Heroes! End the week with a fun lunch sponsored by the PTA.

May 07, 2018 at 9am - May 12, 2018

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