Traffic Safety

Webster Safety Rules 

  • No dropping off or parking in the upper parking lot between--ever!  This parking lot is reserved for teachers and staff. Please do not create further traffic congestion by driving to this lot before or after school.
  • Drivers need to drive through the traffic circle and as far forward as possible. This allows for several cars to unload simultaneously behind you.
  • The entrance to the school has one lane.  Please respect the cones! People cutting the line create a traffic jam and safety hazard.
  • Please remember, children must exit the right hand side of vehicle only.
  • Please do not park in any red zones or teacher-assigned parking spots. Sheriffs will ticket and tow any cars parked illegally.
  • The traffic circle is a NO PARKING ZONE! Please do not exit your vehicle when you are dropping off your child/ren. If you need an extra cuddle or your student needs help carrying their belongings, please park in one of the lower parking lots and walk your child into the school.
  • School starts at 8:45 a.m. (10:00 on Wednesdays). Please plan to drop your children off no later than 8:40/9:55. They need time to walk to their classrooms.
  • Please do not pass the traffic circle. There is no student drop-off past the school office. No exceptions!
  • Please remember to be courteous to our volunteers--they are helping out in order to keep our kids safe!


We appreciate your cooperation!


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